In this article you will find some of the typical Japanese dishes.

They are the most popular and well-known dishes, some you will find on the menu of the KAMPAI restaurant, other dishes are for the most curious of Japanese culture.

In the next articles you will also be given some recipes to make these delicious dishes in your home.

Miso Soup: In Japan, soups are eaten at almost every meal sometimes as a small digestive. There are different types, but perhaps the best known is miso soup. Misoshiru (this is its traditional name) is made from dashi broth, mixed with miso, a fermented soybean paste particularly used in Japanese cuisines, and sometimes bits of tofu.

According to tradition, the soups must be sucked out of the cup in a noisy way, in order to demonstrate one's liking.

Okonomiyaki: it is an omelette, cooked on the grill, which can be prepared with any food. Indeed, not surprisingly, the name of this dish translates as what you want (okonomy) grilled (yaki). Even in Japan it is possible to find some restaurants in which each table is equipped with a hot plate, so that each customer can prepare their own okonomiyaki independently according to their tastes.

Ramen: even if it has become one of the symbols of the Japanese culinary tradition, this dish draws its origins from Chinese culture. It is a type of noodles, served in a meat or fish broth flavored with soy sauce or miso. It is often garnished with dried seaweed, kamaboko, green onion or corn.

Edamame: these are unripe soybeans, used in the gastronomy of China and Japan. Usually Edamame could be served Salted or Spicy.

Gyoza: In Japanese cuisine, gyozas are a type of dumplings very popular in Japan, China and Korea. Stuffed with chicken, vegetables, prawns or duck, they are wrapped with a thin paste sealed with the pressure of the fingers. They are usually steamed, but they are also exceptional fried.