Very often when we propose to a friend of ours to go and eat in a Japanese restaurant, the answer is: "I don't like sushi". This is what everyone thinks, in Europe and in UK as well, where Japanese cuisine has become a fashion as well as a pleasure, but Japanese is not just sushi, even if sushi, sashimi, hosomaki etc, are the most served dishes.

But Japanese cuisine includes many recipes, revisited by some Japanese chefs or from various regions of Japan. For example, there is RAMEN, which is a very hot broth, or TEMPURA, which is a very light frying, the dumplings called GYOZA, are hot and stuffed with meat or vegetables served in wooden bowls, finally there is MISO SOUP and UDON NOODLES, made in broth or fried.

These are the most popular dishes, which do not include sushi, but there is much more.

Edamame soy pods, Tamagoyaki or the egg omelette with salt and sugar, turned several times on itself; Hiyayakko is instead soy or tofu cheese, with soy sauce, ginger, negi winter onion and katsuobushi, which is a very important ingredient of Japanese cuisine, obtained by grating dried, fermented and smoked tuna fillets into small flakes. Another popular dish in Japan is soba, miso soup and dashi broth.

For vegetarians there are various choices:

-Chawanmushi: made of steamed beaten eggs, placed on hot broth on top of which are placed shelled clams and wild salmon roe and kamaboko (surimi slices)

-Usuzukuri: a carpaccio of white fish marinated in ponzu sauce (sweet sake and rice vinegar)

-Donburi: Rice bowls coated with various Unajyu ingredients with grilled eel

-Tendon: with vegetables and tempura shrimps

For meat lovers:

-Chasyu: Roasted pork belly which is also found in ramen

-Karaage: fried marinated chicken

-Yakitori: the grilled chicken skewers

-Tonkatsu: cutlet of pork loin cut high and fried

-Katsudon: high cutlet of pork loin wrapped in egg glaze and onions

-Tori katsudon: chicken-based dish

-Tamago toji gyudon: strips of beef

If you are a lover of Japanese cuisine and want to learn how to cook some dishes, on this site you will find various recipes, easy for everyone. Don't lose them!