Capsule hotels are wonderful beehive-shaped 'hotels' where you can spend wonderful nights in places such as airports.

We find them especially in Japan, at affordable prices for everyone. The first hotel opened in Osaka in 1979 and has since spread throughout Japan.

The rooms are very small but equipped with every accessory: radio, air conditioning or television.

Obviously, the services offered by capsule hotels are very different from those of classic hotels. Being very small internally, they offer lockers in which to store luggage, rooms with showers for personal hygiene, vending machines, other capsule hotels even have wifi, computers, pajamas and saunas.

The capsule hotels are mainly used by people who work, who travel and who prefer to relax for a couple of hours before starting another trip, or for those who work and need wi fi in fact many capsule hotels also have taxis, printers, or distributors of ties and socks.

But where are they located? A very special type of capsule hotel was inaugurated in Tokyo recently, built inside a bookshop: the dream of reading lovers has come true.

Until a few years ago, capsule hotels were considered practical solutions but not at all luxurious, today the same structures are much more attentive to design and aesthetic details. Elegance, comfort and convenience within reach of the airport: capsule hotels are the new frontier of business travel and their potential, according to many experts in the sector, is still on the rise.